About the Firm

DANIEL LAW OFFICE, P.C. fully and fundamentally commits its talent, experience and resources to maximize a client's recovery and/or protection. Clients require both practical and legal information, advice and guidance and the Firm provides precisely this. As a small firm, the Firm limits its caseload and business projects to ensure that each client receives the necessary attention, energy and creativity throughout the relationship. The relationship of attorney and client is a special bond that should span decades. The survival of the relationship hinges upon the lawyer’s ability to understand a client fully and without assumptions. Equally important, however, is the ability of the lawyer to recognize the limits of his or her expertise and to know where to quickly find trusted and qualified counsel to jump in when such limits arise. DANIEL LAW OFFICE, P.C. understands these tenets and, regardless of whether you are an individual with a personal matter or in-house counsel for a large corporate entity, you can expect realistic approaches to the matters referred to the Firm for handling.

Some rules apply in this office’s operations. First, all clients get a call back within 24 hours. Second, the Firm keeps its clients well-informed of the nature and progress of all matters and it will do more in this regard than invoicing monthly. Third, pride will not interfere with the attorney-client relationship. All clients are encouraged to demand action in furtherance of a stronger bond. Though many recoil at the thought of hiring an attorney (most do not see a lawyer or a doctor until they must do so for reasons that many would prefer to avoid), you should remember that having an attorney in your camp makes sense even before a dispute arises.