Areas of Practice

Annexation, Land Development and Zoning

Mark has been recognized as one of the top lawyers in Illinois in the fields of real estate, zoning and litigation. Much of this recognition arises from Mark’s efforts to completely, effectively and thoroughly represent the interests of clients with land use matters in much of the northern two thirds of Illinois. He has argued in circuit courts extending from Chicago west to the Mississippi River. He has experience in zoning and land use matter with special federal circumstances in federal courts in Rockford, Urbana and Chicago. Mark has argued zoning and land use matters at all levels of the Illinois judicial system. He enjoys working with local staff and elected officials to insure that a development proceeds on good terms with the local governing agencies, but he also understands when and how landowners should take action to protect their interests in land or the development of land. Allow DLO, P.C. to apply these skills for your benefit.

In limited instances, DLO, P.C. will represent objectors to proposed development. Objectors can include residential owners or operators of industrial land and all persons with land uses along that spectrum. His advocacy in this area for more than a decade during which Illinois has experienced a sea of change has allowed an understanding of the planning process and benefits accruing to this process when land development accounts for owners in the area from the outset. Mark will occasionally assist in efforts to mediate land use disputes and he serves as co-counsel when needed to spot problems in advance and avoid disputes.

Mark represents clients pursuing entitlements seven days a week and, sometimes, 24 hours a day. His work is dedicated to a proper outcome. His efforts to stay abreast of market developments and legal issues not only include traditional continuing legal education and substantial reading and networking, but they also extend to participation with local community leaders in public or private forums, participation in the International Council of Shopping Centers and dozens of presentations at seminars designed for legal and non-legal professionals in the land development field.

Mark’s experience extends to all areas of the land use and development field. Though he is very familiar with financing and special bonds, incentives or sharing agreements, Mark will often recommend a qualified second attorney who focuses in the field of land development financing inasmuch as difficulties can develop when the land use and zoning attorney is called upon for negotiation of financial incentives and support in obtaining letters of opinion. This encouragement most often arises on very large projects, but each client needs to consider utilizing a second attorney if significant issues arise on smaller developments.

Civil Litigation

DLO, P.C. represents clients with cases pending in the federal and state courts in Illinois. He has served primarily as lead or trial counsel. However, in several instances, Mark also serves as local counsel and cooperates well with lawyers from outside of DuPage County or the Chicago metropolitan area. He is comfortable in any law division matters and in cases involving special remedies such as injunction, mandamus, quo warranto and declaratory judgment. Experience gained at large and medium-sized firms has allowed Mark a breadth of knowledge and a reliable instinct that makes the course of litigation more predictable, controllable and affordable from financial and emotional perspectives.

Environmental Matters and Damage to Property

Mark has prosecuted and defended actions brought in the federal and state courts under relevant common law and statutes or ordinances pertaining to the conditions of the environment. His experience ranges from serving as local counsel to trying cases to jury. He also assists landowners in their efforts to initiate and conclude efforts to remediate conditions without losing sight of applicable laws and regulations beyond those directly related to the standards at hand. Mark has experience in dealing with insurers and coverage counsel and he has an understanding of the impacts of remediation decision-making on matters ranging from air quality to zoning violations.

DLO, P.C. also assists in matters of title insurance, easements, riparian rights and construction and land development planning. Engaging an attorney to assist in the planning for construction often can assist the project manager or coordinator in dealing with neighbors and avoiding problems during the development and construction phases that could likely lead to litigation.

Injuries to the Person

Allow DLO, P.C. to assist you in handling the significant physical, emotional, and financial damage that can result from the negligent or the intentional conduct of others. Victims (including victims of crime) risk being overwhelmed by life changes and challenges that follow an accident. DLO, P.C. will assist in relationships with insurance representatives, medical providers, employers, and others in your recovery. DLO, P.C. serves as a zealous advocate in matters of civil rights, personal injury and privacy, including defamation. DLO, P.C. supports the National Crime Victims Bar Association and strongly advocates the interests of minors who suffer harm. It also protects the privacy interests of public figures and individuals and businesses in creative fields.

Local Government Law

DLO, P.C. is active in several areas of local and regional government in the Chicago area. Mark’s past experience has included general counsel work for Westmont and Oakbrook Terrace and special counsel and defense work for Broadview, Diamond, Cicero, and Oak Brook. He has also represented several elected officials and assisted those seeking to hold public office. Mark serves as the chair of the Local Government Law Committee of the DuPage County Bar Association. He has presented a local, state and national seminars sponsored by the Illinois division of the American Planning Association, the International Municipal Lawyers Association, the Chicago Bar Association and the DuPage County Bar Association. He has been a presenter on issues of local importance in the zoning field in dozens of meetings and seminars. He also provides an option to local governmental agencies who require assistance with the conduct of their affairs under laws such as the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Mark recognizes that government officials are indeed volunteers who serve a very important purpose in our communities and carries that message in all aspects of his representation of clients. He strives to provide efficient and practical relief that complies with the law and avoids a substantial risk of litigation.

Trademark, Copyright and Advertising

Though Mark will serve as co-counsel in patent cases (he is not a patent lawyer), his primary focus in the areas of trademark, copyright and false advertising is in the area of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. He advises clients in efforts to brand and to protect the brand. Mark’s efforts have proceeded before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Copyright Office, federal courts in a number of states and state courts.